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What kind of people does K2 look for?

We are delighted to hear from qualified and experienced IP professionals who see the benefits of our approach and who can add to what we offer. There is no fixed template: K2's business model has the flexibility to work with people in a variety of situations. Some examples are:

  • Professionals in private practice, who seek a more flexible and supportive environment and to develop a business from which they can receive a higher proportion of the fees they earn.
  • In-house professionals wishing to move into private practice, while making their former employers into key clients in an outsourced arrangement.
  • Part-time professionals who want greater flexibility than is offered by existing partnership structures, or who have moved on from partnership.

The background or current position of K2 candidates is less important than their character and proven ability. We seek exceptional, entrepreneurial people who have the vision to embrace a new way of working; they must also have the commitment to work with their colleagues in developing K2. They will generally have a client following or a willingness to build one, although we are happy to consider this on a case-by-case basis.

Can K2 people work for clients outside K2?

K2 membership is an expressly non-exclusive arrangement in which K2 people are free to work for clients who are not K2 clients - although they need not necessarily do so. Obviously they may not use K2 or Keltie resources to do so, or risk client confidentiality, or place themselves, K2 or Keltie in a conflict situation.

How does K2 work financially?

The financial structure of K2 is very simple. It rewards referrals and leaves the majority of paid service charges with the people who do the work.

The payment arrangement depends on who introduces the client and who does the work in the following scenarios: a K2 person does work for their own K2 client; a K2 person refers work to another K2 person; a K2 person refers work to Keltie; or a K2 person does work referred by Keltie.

What support does K2 provide to its people?

Most of the following services are provided as a package within K2's standard fee-sharing arrangement. Some of these services such as professional resources, formalities tasks and professional support are priced on an as-needed basis.

  • Professional resources to cover: requirements for additional capacity; other areas of technology; other IP fields; due diligence support and provision of assistants enabling blended hourly rates.
  • Record-keeping, including deadline monitoring and reminders.
  • Access to a private area of Keltie's network including K2's Intranet, records software and time recordal modules.
  • Paralegal and other professional support.
  • Renewals reminders, reports and payments.
  • Preparation of schedules of IP rights and reports.
  • Billing, invoicing and accounting.
  • Access to standard letters and templates.
  • Access to reference material and search databases.
  • Marketing expertise and resources.
  • Holiday and absence cover.
  • Legal updates and CPD opportunities.
  • Fair use of Keltie's meeting facilities in London.
  • Gatherings for social and business purposes, including K2 conferences.

What about liability and PI insurance?

K2 bears liability for work done by K2 professionals for K2 clients and has PI insurance through Keltie to cover K2 professionals for such work. K2 professionals must maintain their own PI insurance for any other client work they may do.

How does K2 handle correspondence?

All official correspondence and foreign associate correspondence is channelled through Keltie's London office serving as the K2 Hub, with K2 being Address for Service for all matters with the UKIPO, EPO, OHIM and WIPO. Staff at the K2 Hub update records and provide appropriate deadline information and reminders to the relevant K2 professionals. K2 operates in a paper-lite environment and so stores documents and emails digitally on a document management system to which K2 professionals have remote access.

How does K2 help its people with business development?

K2 professionals can develop K2 client opportunities with appropriate support from K2 and from Keltie. For example, the expertise and experience of K2 professionals is added to the K2 pool and marketed alongside other Keltie group capabilities. This gives access to opportunities that are not available to sole practitioners.

Can K2 people negotiate the terms of their membership?

To ensure fairness, similar agreements are in place with all K2 professionals. The key terms are universal and hence non-negotiable, but details may be tailored to suit specific circumstances.


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