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support for in-house IP teams and law firms

Efficiently lean organisations can experience stress in times of change. Tightening budgets. Spikes in workload. Loss of staff. Difficulty of recruitment. Complexity of issues.

Some problems are good; many are bad; but all are challenging. They have to be solved effectively, often very quickly and always without losing control of costs.

Our flexibility helps in-house clients and law firms to solve their IP management problems either by exporting the problem or by importing a solution. As part of this, we can help with insourcing of people or outsourcing of projects.

As examples of insourcing, we provide access to IP people ranging from senior professionals to assistants, paralegals or records staff. They can work at a client’s premises in traditional secondments or, more virtually, by working remotely while they devote time exclusively to a client’s needs or a combination of on and off site, as required. Either way, K2 secondees have the experience to integrate with existing IP teams and to hit the ground running.

Outsourced projects may involve discrete matters such as IP management advice, due diligence, litigation support, portfolio integration or division, or data cleansing. We offer end-to-end solutions for them all. Other outsourced projects involve an ongoing partnership with a client, such as ad hoc overflow work or even outsourcing of entire portfolio management functions. We have the capacity and capability to handle any IP matter that a client could wish to outsource.

When you need to add capabilities to your IP function, we’ll be with you for as long as you need us. Tell us what you want and we’ll design a bespoke solution that fits precisely. If and when the need passes, we’ll move on. We know that by satisfying your requirements, the relationship will endure and we’ll be in a great position to work with you again.


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