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How do clients interact with K2?

Each K2 client has a lead professional who manages the client relationship and will usually do at least some of that client’s work. The lead professional is supported by the resources and systems that K2 shares with Keltie and by fellow professionals in K2 and Keltie. In this way, the lead professional is freed to deliver a flexible, personalised service while having all the back-up that’s needed. K2’s structure encourages the lead professional to work beside colleagues to deal efficiently with increases in workload or to handle other technical disciplines or IP fields.


K2 clients contract with K2 (specifically K2 IP Limited, a division of Keltie LLP) for the provision of professional services. K2 invoices clients for the work done and receives payment from them.

At the start of the business relationship, K2 clients receive a Letter of Engagement from K2 accompanied by Terms of Business. Copies of those documents are available on request.


We have wide experience of commissioning and providing IP services. This enables us to work with our clients to develop realistic and cost-effective pricing models.

We take pride in the simplicity and transparency of our fees and billing structures. Generally milestone-based, they are arranged to dovetail with client procedures. The objective is always to minimise indirect costs and to ensure predictability.

Quality control

K2’s professionals have a loyal client following and have retained those clients over time. K2 monitors the performance of its people by various mechanisms including quality-control discussions with its clients, and consultant and attorney reviews.

K2 and its UK patent and trade mark attorneys are regulated by the Intellectual Property Regulation Board -


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