collective independence

being part of K2

Keltie is celebrated for its award-winning, visionary approach to looking after its people. Its growth has also been fuelled by a reputation for commercial advice, excellent service and progressive thinking. But growth should be as much about evolution as about numbers. Hence K2.

The K2 concept recognises that there are many experienced IP professionals who seek a new career direction. They have - or can attract - a client following. They want the freedom to pursue their own ideas and to work as they wish. But to focus on the work they love, they need infrastructure and support of a level that can only be provided by a substantial firm.

K2 also recognises that the IP profession is rich in thriving specialist practices whose service offering can be transformed by collaboration with like-minded people.

K2's support frees its professionals to develop their careers and their own practices. It enables them to give excellent service, to rid themselves of onerous admin and to enjoy a working life that suits their needs and aspirations. Yet, it preserves the good things about working in a real firm, like the companionship, the shared resource, the ease of cross-referral and the satisfaction of working with high-quality clients.

Above all, K2 is about teamwork. With effective communication and a reward structure that recognises client ownership and retention, K2 encourages its professionals to work together when it is right to do so. The more they put in to K2, the more they can get out of it.

K2 provides a unique working environment for IP professionals, giving them the flexibility of their own practice combined with the resources and credibility of an established firm. K2 enables its people to take on satisfying and profitable work, to develop client opportunities otherwise too challenging for a small practice and to retain and develop clients as they grow over time.

The inspiration of K2 is that independence isn’t diminished by cooperation. Quite the opposite; it is enhanced.


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