K2 client login

K2 client login gives our clients direct Internet access to the records that we hold for their intellectual property (IP) matters. When you entrust your IP to us and register for the service, you will be just a few clicks away from secure access to your IP portfolio on-line whenever you wish, without charge.


We will provide you with a username and a password on request. This gives access to K2 client login directly at or via links from our website at Once logged in, our client homepage provides instant access to the most recent activity on your IP cases as well as a snapshot of approaching events and due dates. Various search facilities are available allowing quick and easy access to individual cases as well as the ability to perform advanced portfolio searches. All of the information is neatly and logically arranged in a tab-window interface allowing quick and easy retrieval.

What K2 client login can do

Access – 'What's New'

K2 client login allows clients to track the progress of their IP cases on-line. The 'What's New' section appears on the client's homepage and can be tailored to display any new case activity going back up to one year, giving the client an instant snapshot of any recent activity on their IP portfolio.

Significant dates and responding to reminders – 'What's Due'

The 'What's Due' section shows a list of due dates and events for all of a client's IP cases. Due dates are immediately accessible upon logging in to K2 client login and are accompanied by an e-mail facility allowing clients to contact us about reminders directly from their browser, for example with instructions to deal with a deadline matter.

Search and report

The quick search capability puts all IP cases at a client's fingertips. By simply entering a case reference or other unique identifier such as part of the case title or number, the status of a case is instantly apparent. More complex queries and reports can be set up through an advanced search function and saved for future use. Search results can then be opened in Microsoft® Excel, exported to XML format or printed as a .pdf report.


We appreciate that security is all-important: we will not compromise the safety and integrity of our clients' data. So, K2 client login does not offer access to our live database. Instead, the necessary data is copied from our live database to a separate client-access database housed in a secure area of our network. The copied information is updated frequently throughout the day. This ensures the integrity and safety of our data, while presenting our clients with the most up-to-date information possible.


If you are interested in accessing your IP portfolio over the web and would like to enquire about registering for K2 client login, please email us at or Registration and use of the service is free of charge.

If you have any questions about K2 client login, please email or



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