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Welcome to K2, the state of the art in IP.

K2 is an innovative network of IP professionals supported by the top-rank resources of Keltie LLP. The network gives access to proven achievers in the IP world with decades of high-level experience.

Our patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and other IP professionals have a unique blend of in-house and private-practice backgrounds. They know that a great way to understand clients is to have been clients themselves.

Between us, we handle every aspect of IP management and protection. We have the people and systems not merely to identify problems but also to implement solutions. So, our hands-on approach is not just to advise - but also to do.

Our people work flexibly on a dispersed but cohesive basis, liaising seamlessly with each other and with their colleagues in Keltie. The result? K2 has a virtual structure but a real backbone. The product? Delighted clients, served by professionals inspired to work as they work best.