IP Managementon demand

The  good news is that  companies without the  resources to employ a full-time IP Manager no  longer need to do without.  K2 IP provides an  IP management service on  an outsourced basis for as much or as little time  as needed, for ongoing management or for one off projects. 

A Virtual IP Manager is an  efficient  way  to have experienced IP management expertise and resources on  demand. A Virtual IP Manager provides the  benefit of lower  real  cost and no  overheads, while  providing the benefit of a skilled  and experienced IP Manager who  will become a working part  of the  organisation.

This  provides maximum flexibility  - the  workload can be adjusted up  or down as required, making it suitable for large and small enterprises, and especially for dynamic, fast-growing companies.

The responsibilities of a Virtual IP Manager will be adapted to the company’s needs, while  complementing its structure and resources. The role typically includes

providing a focal point for all IP matters, and managing IP both internally and via outside counsel.

The job spec may include roles such as:

IP auditing

Developing and implementing IP strategy

Managing the IP portfolio and securing IP rights

Formulating the company’s IP portfolio development strategy to ensure alignment with the  company’s business priorities, and advising on  future risk/reward scenarios

Professionally managing IP agents, associates and IP service providers that  represent and advise the company

Operating within  a prescribed budget and, where possible, improving procedures to make the  IP activities more cost-efficient

Commercialising and licensing the company’s IP rights internally to its commercial entities, and participating in the  development of licensing agreements and relationships

Developing and implementing IP-related policies and procedures

Collaborating with business units in discovering, developing and managing new ideas and associated  IP

Helping incubate new technology-driven businesses and business ventures

Monitoring royalty  revenue flow  and distribution from IP and other revenue-generating activities that flow from such IP

Interfacing with, and providing IP-related education, input  and support to the  company’s business units, legal department, technology directors and the  M&A group where appropriate

Aggregating business and technology intelligence and translating it into  useful guidance to assure freedom of operation

Leveraging the valuable skills, competencies, knowledge and experience of a network of IP professionals to add value to the business.

This  could include licensing, litigation and insurance specialists, for example.

 Who should be interested?

A Virtual IP Manager is ideal  for companies that  realise the  importance of IP but  do  not  have the  financial resources or workload for a full- time  IP manager. This may  include companies that  are  too  small to justify a dedicated role, or companies where IP plays a small but crucial role  in the organisation.

It is useful for companies that  prefer to outsource  all IP-related tasks to IP firms and service providers, and will also be  of interest to companies that are  temporarily without a full time in-house IP.Manager for an extended period, such as during parental leave, or companies, or that have a one-off project that requires IP management expertise.