teamwork networked

K2 from the client perspective

K2's professionals have outstanding backgrounds in industry and in private practice. However now, they have chosen to work in a more progressive way that better suits their aspirations. We have gathered this talent from across the IP field and given our clients straightforward, structured access to it.

Our people have the backing of Keltie’s renowned support systems and of all of their colleagues within K2 and Keltie. So, our clients can work with the professionals that suit them best, knowing that every individual has the support to deal with even the largest or most complex IP projects.

Our clients benefit because K2 enables its people to operate efficiently beyond traditional confines. We fit with our clients, not vice-versa. We have all of the support we need, but less of the overheads.

As our work for K2 is free of billing targets and management commitments, we can focus on looking after our clients and delivering brilliant quality and value. With unrivalled flexibility, we can work from home, from local offices or from our clients’ premises.

Our fluidity encourages our people to be energetic, responsive and efficient team-players. It fosters client relationships for the long term.

Viewed from within, K2 is a network built around Keltie. From outside, clients simply see K2 as one entity: a quality IP firm with high end expertise provided in an unusually adaptable and cost-effective manner. A virtual firm, made real.