Philippe Hoffmann

K2 Network Consultant

BSc Mathematics, Université Marseille
MSc Physics & Mechanics, Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon
MSc Materials, Université Claude Bernard Lyon IV/St Etienne School of Mines, Lyon 
PhD Physics & Composite Materials from Université Lyon 2 – CNRS

Dr Philippe Hoffmann is a senior independent IP consultant and advisor based in London and Paris. His career has been spent mainly in the oil and gas industry but has also spanned the chemicals, automotive and aerospace sectors. 

Philippe has a PhD in Physics and Composite Materials with EADS from the CNRS (National Centre of Scientific Research) in France. He also has Master’s degrees in Materials from the University of Lyon II and in Physics and Mechanics from the INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences) in Lyon.

Career history

Between 2004 and 2015, Philippe held senior management positions in IP, engineering, procurement and process re-engineering with Subsea 7 and its predecessors Acergy and Stolt Offshore, based in London and Paris. He ended his career with Subsea 7 as its Director of Engineering Expertise and Group Technical Authority.

Before joining Stolt Offshore, Philippe had senior management roles in global technology, research and business development at Technip, Plastic Omnium, Exxon Chemicals and Renault.

Philippe has unparalleled international in-house experience of patents, trade marks, innovation, engineering, business issues and legal matters. For example, he has successfully negotiated settlements of over twenty patent infringement cases in Europe, North America, South  America, South Africa and Asia, with a total value of tens of millions of US dollars. He is also an inventor or co-inventor of several patented inventions used in the oil and gas industry around the world. 


Email: philippe.hoffmann @

Phone: 020 7329 8888


Automotive, aerospace and marine technologies
Chemistry and material science
IP consulting
Aerospace, space & defence
Chemicals and materials science
In-house background